W H O  A R E  W E ?

Whyte Plumbing and Heating was founded in 2018 by Conor Whyte. After wrapping up trades school in 2006, Conor began working as a plumber in Ireland. Within the next several years, he travelled abroad to seek international experience. In 2016, Conor moved to Vancouver and immediately fell in love with the city. Two years later, he started what is now known as Whyte Plumbing and Heating. 

Whyte Plumbing and Heating's pledge is to establish long lasting relationships with all of our customers. Every member of our team will strive to exceed your expectation and gain your trust by providing the highest level of professionalism, honesty and fairness with our customers.



At Whyte Plumbing and Heating, we love and believe in what we do. It's not just plumbing to us, but a philosophy that applies to every area of our lives. As a full-service plumbing contractor, we’re proud to walk our customers through every step of the construction or repair process. Whether it’s helping you pick out the perfect fixture, stopping by in the middle of the night to repair a leak, or putting the finishing touches on a remodel, we’ll be there to help.


Whyte Plumbing and Heating pledges to our customers that we will provide quality personalized service for all your plumbing and heating needs no matter how big or small. Quality with commitment is our promise to you. Our team is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all that we do.


Our company is dedicated to continually define and exceed our customers’ expectations by providing exceptional customer service. We believe that customer service is the key role in the triumph of a company's long term success, and it's ultimately thanks to our customers as well as colleagues who have worked with restlessly.


T H E  B E G I N N I N G

Reliable and 




Q U A L I T Y  C R A F T S M A N S H I P

Quality, it’s a simple word but one that speaks volumes about an organization, its people, services, and operations. At Whyte Plumbing and Heating, quality exemplifies the true commitment to help you with all your plumbing and heating needs.


Craftsmanship is one dimension of quality but it is not the only one. Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. It is a quality that is honed, refined, and practiced over the course of a career. Craftsmanship is what we strive for, for the sake of both our reputations and our customers' success.